Baxi Condensing Boilers

Baxi Condensing Boilers are the only choice for demanding installations such as commercial indoor pools.

Baxi is a world leader in Boiler Technology. They are ultra-high efficiency, most often running around 98% efficient, far more than most conventional pool heaters that are between 60 to 75% efficient. They are designed with an external titanium heat exchanger, so only fresh water goes through the boiler, not pool water. The pool water is limited to the titanium heat exchanger, which is impervious to most pool chemicals. This results in an extremely long service life for the heating system as a whole, far longer than conventional pool heaters.

The cost savings due to the increased efficiency often pay back in multiples over the service life of the system. Most facilities report gas consumption savings from 10 to 30% after installation. The boilers are extremely flexible in installation with both wall-hung and floor-standing versions available. They can be configured to run in cascade formation to share the load and also continue operating if one boiler requires servicing. They can also run multiple pools at different temperatures from the one boiler. We have Boiler kits from 25kw to 1000kw and stock heat exchangers to suit every application.

Our evacuated tube hybrid solar heating system can also be added to assist in heating both the pool, spa and the pool hall. This dramatically reduces the reliance on gas heating, and makes a massive impact on running costs. The system can be engineered to run from our Heating PLC to optimise solar input and reduce the reliance on gas or electricity.

Most facilities report a gas/energy cost reduction of around 50%. For a more detailed proposal and site inspection, please contact us.