Waterlink Monitoring

Waterlink is a complete cloud based commercial pool monitoring and maintenance system. The system links any Waterlink device to the cloud, and your smartphone, and stores each test on file for a minimum of 2 years. Alerts via email and SMS are then automatically sent when pre-set limits are exceeded, to notify your staff of any issues in real time. These results are transmitted to your configured devices such as computers or smart phones, immediately informing operators of any concern which may occur. This allows any concern to be resolved before they become a major issue and affect clients. Waterlink also has the facility to allow your staff to enter their manual test data, allowing pool operators to see the latest chemistry results whilst not onsite. Multi-User capability and several permission levels allow for larger sites to accommodate all staff and allow competent users to add and change data.

Waterlink can also monitor other areas of the plant room, some examples include:

  • Alerts when Liquid Chlorine is down to 3 days supply

  • Alerts when CO2 is running low

  • Alerts when Pool Temperature drops by 1.5 degrees

Waterlink gives peace of mind to commercial pool operators, whether they are on site or whilst away. All test results can be held for up to two years to ensure and prove compliance to all Health Department Codes and Australian Standards. Waterlink relieves aquatic facilities of the many issues associated with swimming pools and ensures the safety and comfort of all patrons. Packages are available to suit specific sites such as free basic monitoring, through to supported monitoring through our office. Contact Waterlink today to discuss your options.