My Place Apartments, Hawthorn East

Works: Upgrade dosing systems for communal spas.

Project Info: The existing chemical controllers at My Place Apartments had come to the end of their working life and had no remote monitoring. Waterlink Free Chlorine Controllers with 24/7 remote monitoring were the preferred choice by the owners corporation for the upgrade works to comply with the new pool regulations.

Completion Date: December 2019

Willsmere, Kew

Works: Pool Re-Surfacing Works and Upgrade Plant Room Equipment

Project Info: Commercial Pool Systems (CPS) were contacted to upgrade the 25m pool and Toddler Pool at one of Melbourne’s most recognised landmarks, Willsmere was originally the Kew Asylum and Willsmere Hospital before being decommissioned in 1988. Placed on the historic buildings register in 1991, the property was redeveloped into 155 residential apartments with a further 101 townhouses added, and officially opened in 1993. In addition to re-designing the filtration system to increase the water turnover rate and fix the water make up system. CPS installed a state of the art Waterlink Free Chlorine Controller which is setup with Waterlink 24/7 remote monitoring and  Envirogen Chlorinator to provide consistent Free Chlorine and pH levels.

Completion Date: November 2019

West Wimmera Health Service, Nhill

Works: New Mineral Hydrotherapy Pool and Plant room, Oversee Pool Hall installation.

Project Info: Situated on the Western Highway exactly midway between the capital cities of Melbourne and Adelaide and 45 minutes from the South Australian border which logistically made the approach to this project unique, due to its remote location. West Wimmera Health Services allocated $2 million to build a new state of the art rehabilitation center. These works were to include a new indoor hydrotherapy mineral pool catering to all types of people recovering from injuries the facility will also help older people and disabled clients in the region. We installed two Baxi condensing boilers, installed new filtration plant, Waterlink chemical controller and newly designed Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP) System, Magnapool Mineral Water System.

Completion Date: August 2019

The Reserve Sandringham 

Works: Hydraulics, Filtration, Dosing and Disinfection to Rooftop Pool and Spa

Project Info: The Reserve Apartments is a prestigious apartment complex in Sandringham. Magnapool Mineral Systems with Envirogen Touchscreen Chlorine Generators were chosen along with High Efficiency Baxi Boilers for the lowest energy costs.

Completion Date: September 2018


Surrey Park Swimming, Box Hill

Works: Filtration, Dosing and Disinfection

Project Info: Construction of a 25m x 10m Pool above ground. Client very involved in the build process and more than happy with the delivered product.

Completion Date: Feb 2018


Peppers Soul, Gold Coast

Works: Filtration, Dosing and Disinfection

Project Info: Peppers Soul is a 5 star Hotel in the heart of Surfers. The initial builder went broke thru the build process 6 years ago and the equipment was subsequently under-specified and not up to task. We are in the process of completely re-vamping the filtration and dosing systems across the 6 pools and spas in the facility. Remote monitoring has been added to allow maintenance staff and external contractors to be across all facets of the Pool and Spa Plant.

Completion Date: December 2017



Ballarat & Clarendon College

Works: Construction of 25x10m Pool and Rowing Tank

Project Info: Ballarat & Clarendon is a progressive school that believes in the best facilities for its students. To this end it has installed the first InRiver rowing training tank in this world class fitness center. We constructed the Pool and Rowing Tank plant and also assisted in various facets of the construction. A Full touch screen PLC runs the entire plantroom, along with a unique “no chemicals” approach to the plantroom whereby no traditional chemicals such as liquid chlorine and hydrochloric acid are used in the pool (it runs completely on Magnapool minerals for chlorine generation and Carbon Dioxide for pH control- no other chemicals are needed).

Completion Date: August 2017


Novotel On Collins Melbourne

Works: New Pool and Spa Plant Room

Project Info: Novotel On Collins Pool and Spa Plant was part of the original building and was in need of an overhaul. Full strip out of the old plantroom, epoxy the floor, and reinstall new pumps and filtration, Magnapool Commercial Mineral system, heat exchangers, UV, and Ozone.

Completion Date: August 2017


Ford Swim Center, St Pauls College Traralgon

Works: Construction of New 25x12m Pool Plant Room

Project Info: D&C Plant for new Pool including Hydraulics. Full PLC Touch screen to run the plantroom. VFD drives across all pumps. 3x 1.6m dia. Filters, 2x Lowara 316SS Pumps, Magnapool Commercial Mineral system, heat exchangers, UV, and Ozone. Design water treatment system to cater for 4000 kids per week.

Completion Date: August 2017


Rendine Constructions

Works: New Pool & Spa Plant Room – Bellarine Springs Lifestyle Cent.

Project Info: New pool construction for retirement village/lifestyle center. D&C for very light batherload.

Completion Date: August 2017


Pelican Park Leisure Center

Works: Installation of new pool sub-board to Pool and Spa Plant Room

Project Info: Pelican Park consists of a 25x10m Pool, Toddler Pool, Wet Play area and Spa. The Pool Distribution Board and PLC was ageing and needed replacement. We designed, built and installed a new board to run the entire plant room. Council instructed works had to be done with minimal interruption to service so we literally ripped the heart out of the plantroom whilst manually maintaining heat, chemical balance and filtration quality. Patrons were completely unaware of the works in the plantroom and we met the clients targets and delivered the project in two weeks. One of the most challenging projects to date.

Completion Date: June 2017


Quay West Suites, Southbank

Works: Oversee new Pool and Spa Plantroom, Pool Hall renovation.

Project Info: Quay West Suites is a combined use building (Both OC residents and an Accor Hotel) which made the approach to this project unique, as previously both parties struggled to agree on the correct course of action. QWSM had a 20-year-old Pool and Spa that was leaking into the carpark below. A single filtration system serviced both the pool and spa and a complex heat pump and heat exchanger system was trying to maintain two different temperatures across the pool and spa (which wasn’t working). Other companies had previously advised that gas heating wasn’t an option due to the layout of the building. We gutted the plantroom, installed two Baxi condensing boilers in the carpark, installed new filtration plant to both the pool and the spa, Magnapool Mineral Water System, new heat exchangers, and are saving the OC approximately $8-10k in running costs PA. The pool and spa are now running at 30 and 37° respectively.

Completion Date: June 2016

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