Hydro Touch

Probe Based Chemical Controller

The Syclope Hydro is an ultra-economical ORP and pH controller. With separate ORP and pH probes, and an intuitive touch screen, it can meet any budget requirement while delivering economical yet consistent results. Onboard peristaltic pumps keep capital costs to a minimum.


Probe Based Chemical Controller

The Tere’o is a value-packed Free Chlorine and pH Controller, with optional Temperature and Conductivity (with our basic Comms Modem). It has several Chlorine probes suited to a wide variety of applications making it extremely versatile in its installation flexibility. 
Its competitive price point is only marginally more than ORP dosing systems, meaning it is well suited to smaller Learn To Swim Facilities, Gyms, Hotels and Day Spas. 
With an optional upgrade to touch screen model (to become standard in Late 2018), easy to follow intuitive display and control, the Tere’o is a good choice to improve your water quality without stretching the budget.

HG-302 Automated DPD Photometer

DPD Based Chemical Controller

The HG-302 is a reagent based chemical controller designed to deliver lab accuracy, even in the harshest of conditions. It tests for Free Chlorine using the same method that pool operators use to test manually (DPD Method). This makes it far more accurate than conventional ORP (mV) controllers, and delivers far more stable, consistent Chlorine levels in even the most demanding commercial installations.

It is capable of performing a DPD test every 2.5 minutes, and performs an amazing 18,000 tests from one set of reagents. Its flexible platform allows Waterlink to tailor each HG-302 to optimize performance on each and every site. Its high build quality and accuracy makes it the ideal choice of any potential plant room upgrade. It is capable of controlling multiple chlorine sources, liquid acid, Carbon Dioxide, and also can measure the following:

Odi Touch

Probe Based Chemical Controller

A highly capable machine, with monitoring of up to 8 parameters, options including Free or Active Chlorine, Total Chlorine, pH, Conductivity, Temperature, Flow, etc.Capable of additional; calculated functions such as Combined Chlorine, Active Chlorine and Salinity.

Multiple configurable outputs including 240v dosing outputs, Volt-free contact relays and proportional or 4-20ma. This unit can run a salt chlorinator as a primary chlorine source with automatic Liquid Chlorine Backup if optioned with an additional dosing pump.

Envirogen® Standard & Pro

Salt Chlorinator

Our envirogen salt chlorinators work perfectly well with salt or any currently available mineral on the market. Built in modules allow expansion and redundancies, along with sophisticated electronic and mechanical safety systems incorporated into each unit. The units are built as two variants – Standard Envirogen models which are designed to be used with other dosing systems, and Envirogen Pro units with integrated Free Chlorine and pH probes. These units form a stand-alone dosing system and chlorine generator in one easy to install system. Programmable outputs ensure any redundancy and option is possible, such as Automatic Liquid Chlorine backup, and Auto changeover from CO2 to Liquid Acid.

Each unit is available in both Standard Salinity (3000ppm) and LS Fresh Water (1500ppm) model variants. The LS units when used with a mineral system such as MagnaPool® impart no taste in the water at all- just simply fresh water with the minimal amount of chlorine as required by law. They have a number of inputs and outputs which make them flexible in their installation including Optocoupler, 4-20mA, 0-10v. Their variable output means they modulate to avoid over- or under-shoot, maintaining a stable free chlorine level no matter what the batherload.