Waterlink was established to solve problems innovatively in the installation, operation and maintenance of swimming pool facilities to provide the highest quality water to all participating in aquatic pursuits.

Waterlink builds equipment here in Australia to the highest quality standards, backing up with quality service through expertise, diligence and exceptional customer relationship.

Our goal is to deliver a safe, comfortable environment for the many patrons that enjoy the use commercial pools for pleasure, exercise or education. Learn to Swim staff in particular spend many hours per week working in a damp and chemically hostile environment, and Waterlink aims to provide environmentally sensitive and innovative solutions for improving water quality.

With issues such as poor water quality, high instructor turnover and outbreaks such as Crypto Sporidium, more facilities are turning to Waterlink to explore ways other than high chlorine levels to keep water safe, clear and healthy.

Our team has over 70 years’ experience in all aspects of the swimming pool industry and prides itself on being able to deliver quality products through technical competence, first class equipment and quality service.

Our Australian built equipment is thoroughly tested to withstand the extremes of our harsh climate and conditions. Components imported from other suppliers around the world are tested and held accountable to the same exacting standards that we set.