Waterlink Launches at Splash!

Waterlink, an innovative new Commercial Aquatic Supplier, launched at the recent Splash Show. Waterlink specialises in Dosing, Remote Monitoring, Disinfection and other Water Quality devices.

“Our specialty is a complete solution for a client” says Craig O’Neill, of Waterlink Equipment. “We can supply Dosing, Chlorine Generation, Secondary Disinfection and Heating systems that all work in harmony and are all connected to the Cloud”

Recent projects completed with Waterlink include 25m Pools at Ballarat & Clarendon College, Ford Swim Center Traralgon, Surrey Park Swimming Club, Peppers Soul Gold Coast, and as far as Port Hedland in WA to Liz Van Welie Aquatics in New Zealand.

“We have a range of Equipment – most of which is built or assembled here in Australia – suited to our conditions, covering all Private and Public Facilities”

"Our specialty is a complete solution for a client"

Waterlink build and distribute products such as:

The Envirogen Range of Inline Salt Chlorination units, with a Touch-Screen Display, and can be optioned with pH, Free Chlorine and Total Chlorine Sensors, ORP, and Temperature. Outputs can be configured to perform additional tasks such as Chlorine Backup, boiler control, CO2 and Acid dosing, etc.

DPD and Probe Based Dosing Systems from Syclope Electronique in France and Blue-I water Technologies in Israel.

The Synergy range of AOP Systems that use a combination of Ozone and UV to improve water quality and integrate with all of our other devices to save energy and ongoing site costs.

Our Ancillary range of Dosing Equipment such as CO2 Systems and Dosing Pumps.

For more information go to www.waterlink.com or call 1300 897 200